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Passenger in Drunk Driver vehicle failing to wear seat belt found 40% responsible for own injuries.

In the case of Gallagher v McGeady the Irish High Court ruled that the Plaintiff was guilty of contributory negligence in the amount of 40% for allowing herself to be a passenger in a car where the driver had consumed alcohol, and for not wearing a seatbelt, causing injury.


Ryan J had heard from Counsel that in cases where the passengers allowed themselves to be carried by persons under the influence there are decisions ranging from 30% to 50% Contributory Negligence, and in the worst case scenario there is precedent of up to 55% Contributory negligence for failure to wear a seatbelt. Unfortunately the judgement did not cite the relevant authorities quoted by Counsel in the case.


The leading case concerning a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver is Hussey v Twomey, a decision of the Supreme Court, reported by this blog here:


The full judgement in Gallagher v McGeady can be read here:


 Damian McGeady, Lacey Solicitors