In Northern Ireland, all employers are required to carry Employers’ Liability insurance under the Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978.  In the Republic of Ireland however employers’ liability insurance is not mandatory.

Regardless of this, all employers, North and South of the border are responsible for the Health and Safety of their employees and employers. An insurer may face claims for damages if an employee becomes ill or injured at work.

With a particular focus on health and safety regulations and considerable experience in working with the HSA in the Republic of Ireland and HSE in Northern Ireland, Lacey Solicitors assist our clients by resolving claims quickly, fairly, and cost-effectively.

Our team looks to thoroughly understand the business, its personnel, its working practices, and the processes. This allows our solicitors to best prepare the case and avoid continual disruption of the business.

By understanding the inner workings of the business, we can fully explore and provide clear liability opinions addressing issues such as contribution, indemnity, and alternate liability policies.

Our expertise extends to all areas of Health & Safety investigations and environmental regulatory advice.

Bespoke Training

As with all litigation, the defence of employer’s liability cases is costly, even where liability is admitted from the outset. Our position is that the most effective defence is to stop Employers Liability claims arising in the first instance.


Our solicitors provide regular training and risk management advice which allows our clients to implement best working practices.   If a claim does arise, a company with good working practices and risk assessments will be able to maintain a robust defence.